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Filling a position in the IT-world has become a matter of customized recruitment. KABAS subscribes to this idea by limiting the field to a number of specific areas. Backed by years of hands-on experience, we guide and advise our candidates every step of the way. Looking for a temporary or permanent position in SAP or as an IT executive? KABAS will help you find the right connection!

KABAS believes in transparency and a personalized approach for every candidate

How we work with candidates

Selection and Qualification

Getting a clear picture of who you are as a candidate is one of the most important steps in our recruitment process. It’s crucial to us that everyone, from the candidate to their future employer, knows exactly where they stand. By drawing up a complete qualification we assess your individual skills and professional aspirations in order to target specific career opportunities.  Long story short: what makes you tick as a candidate? Once we’ve discussed and finalized your profile, we present a series of personalized opportunities to match your expectations.

Your Application

You then decide for yourself which one of our clients will receive your application. In case there are no immediate opportunities for you , your profile is automatically stored in our database and we will get in touch whenever a new position arises.

Guidance and follow up

Once you decide to apply for a position with one of our clients, KABAS will assist you throughout the entire process. We help you prepare for every interview and provide quality feedback after each step of the hiring process. In the final stage of your application, we go the extra mile to make sure you achieve the best possible result.


During your first months working for one of our clients, we provide a listening ear while you adapt to your professional environment. Our work is only done once you’ve fully integrated your new team.  

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