Find a candidate

Every client, every job offer is different.  As your partner, KABAS aims to gain a deep understanding of what makes your business tick. To do so, we provide  the following services:

KABAS relies on its years of experience as IT Headhunters

Expertise, qualification & advice

Looking to fill a position but having trouble finding the right IT-talent? Not quite sure which type of profile you should be hiring or how to go about it?  KABAS can help your business move forward.  As experienced IT-recruiters, we can easily help you draft a compelling job offer or point out newly emerging dynamics in in your industry. At KABAS, we look forward to sharing our knowledge with you on a personal basis.


You’ve already decided on the type of profile you need to reinforce your team? Great! In that case, KABAS can set up an intake meeting to assess the different job requirements as well as your company’s needs. An intake meeting can help towards defining the right profile, but candidates will also appreciate the fact that your company has carefully provided their recruitment partner with all the necessary information. This way you’ll make a solid first impression as a client and stay ahead of the competition.


Once the qualification is done, and it has become clear what talent we are  looking for, we will set up a strategy to make the search as fruitful as possible.


KABAS believes in a transparent and correct representation in both directions. As a customer of KABAS, you can count on your company being presented correctly to the right people. This is how we do marketing for your company. In the other direction, you can be assured that KABAS will present its candidates to you in the most complete and transparent way. A candidate can also benefit from some marketing ...


Guidance and follow up

As soon as we start looking for a candidate, we’ll inform you of our progress at agreed times. Once we’ve found a number of suitable profiles, we act as a mediator between your company and the candidate to achieve a positive result.


Once the position has been filled successfully, we will continue to provide you with the necessary feedback.

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