KABAS was founded in 2018 because we were looking for a project in which we could combine our business sense and our passion for recruiting. We’d worked together for several years before and discovered we complemented each other perfectly. Of course, things didn’t always go as smoothly, but that’s what you get when you mix Flemish common sense with the bullheadedness of Brussels. Exchanging words is part of any good marriage, isn’t it? Our own exchanges eventually became a search for the highest common denominator between our own identity, the needs of our clients, and those of our candidates.

The core values ​​we then formulated are meant as a reflection of our personality. We hope they form a clear picture of who we are, what KABAS stands for, and what we have to offer.

Kabas was born out of business sense and our passion for recruiting

Core values


KABAS has a sense of style and class. KABAS is respectful and knows that every client has their expectations. KABAS values discretion and stays close without ever intruding. KABAS is polite but not excessively formal. Courteous as a matter of course, without being too humble. Any client may be king, but a KABAS client is a king among kings.


KABAS provides more than just a good balance. KABAS provides the right elements in the right place at the right time. Sometimes that means waiting, changing, cancelling or going the extra mile.


KABAS combines business sense with passion. KABAS gives 100% in everything. No half work, but work that makes proud. Dedication to the job: KABAS does what it likes doing: for our clients, our candidates, and ourselves.


Everything KABAS does is sincere. No façades, but a straightforward and honest approach.


KABAS has the simple ambition to be the best. Good is good. Better is better.


Excellent service, that's what we stand for. KABAS is always there for its clients. Any client may be king, but a KABAS client is a king among kings


Modesty is in our nature. It doesn’t require any extra effort, and defines everything KABAS does. Because excess can be harmful.  By respecting ourselves, our clients and our candidates, we aim to build trusting relationships that benefit everyone. 


We can be proud of ourselves and of the way we help others. By securing a job or providing a solution to their problems. Pride in our work paves the way to quality and satisfaction.

Convinced of our approach?